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Waltham Dial. ~29mm diameter. Feet at 10, 2:20, and 7:20. One Small hairline at 2:00-3:00 Barely visible in person, Another around 10. Also Barely visible.


Off to the ‘bay!

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Getting ready to list these on e-bay.

More Wristwatches Up and running

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Here’s 2 more I’ve found/ fixed

The gruen was running fine, just had to replace the hands. The Jules Jurgensen is another where I have an intact movement and hands w/ stem and crown, and even a case back, but no case. Quite frustrating, so It’s in some random case. I also had to fix the stem setting. It was stuck in the setting position. After removing the face, I was able to get it back to normal.

Processing Software

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I just discovered this software simply called Processing. It’s free and I believe open source. It’s actually quite powerful and easy to play around in. 


Here’s a few programs I wrote. 

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Some more watches I’ve got up and running

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1 Paul Breguette and a Lord Elgin Deco “black night” 


Some Jewelry I’ve made

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Here’s a couple pair of earrings I made. I call them the steampunk Smileys. Also pictured: A Silver heart pendant I made for my wife. It’s a sterling heart with a balance wheel from a watch in the center.

The weights on the earrings swing back and fourth, which turns the gears. 

Seiko Bell-matic

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Here’s some more detail pics of one of the Seiko Bell-Matics. Its a 4006-6029. The movement is a bit dirty but it runs reliably. Case and face are in good shape.